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Flight Operations / Training Support

Flight Operations / Training Support

We can provide a variety of experienced of qualified personnel to cover all the required flight operations and training necessities, as well as to assist the Post Holders where needed. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Free-Lance, Ferry or permanently employed Flight Deck Crews;
  • Qualified TRI and TRE;
  • Qualified Engineers;
  • Post Holders;
  • Cabin Crew;
  • Peer Support Personnel;
  • Auditors for all the disciplines, including IOSA;

We have current contracts with the main simulator providers worldwide, and we are able to support your training needs in all regards:

  • Full Flight Simulators
  • Training Syllabus
  • UPRT Trainer Courses
  • Classroom Activities
  • Training Material (documentation and videos)
  • Peer Support Training
  • Management and Crew Leadership Courses

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